En af verdens lækreste og hurtigste biler.

En sådan en model er kørt af Joe Jensen.


Maserati GranCabrio marks a new and important chapter in Maserati’s history. It is a Maserati unlike any seen before.
Imagine being at the roadside on the Via Emilia – the heart of a region famed for its motoring links – on a cool summer morning. You hear the unmistakable sound of an engine before a powerful car appears. On the car’s grille sits the Maserati badge. The car is a cabriolet. There can be no mistake: it is the GranCabrio.

The name, GranCabrio, evokes Maserati’s renowned traditions and experience, tying the new vehicle to the GranTurismo concept and bringing to life past GranSports. At the same time, the name underlines how much the car differs from every model that has preceded it. The GranCabrio redefines the idea of a cabriolet.

The open-top, four-seater GranCabrio offers the chance to share a fantastic driving experience with those you love, one enhanced by top quality materials, the aroma of prestigious woods and refined leather. GranCabrio is Maserati’s exclusive take on the need to live exciting experiences in company as opposed to the mania of owning things just for the sake of it.

GranCabrio is designed for those who take pleasure from good taste and who appreciate Italian power and elegance. However, they do not want to be limited by using the car just as a couple or not being able to at all because there is a new addition to the family. In the GranCabrio the joy of sharing experiences reaches previously unattainable heights.


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